Here’s what people are saying about Connecticut Farms Nursery School:

Jessica C.
My daughter goes there and we love it. She goes two full days a week and is upset the other three days that she cannot go to school. We will be signing her up there for full time preschool next year.

Fabiana L.
Great first step away from home, my son had no previous experience in day care or other preschools and loved CFNS, was happy and learning so much. Got to Pre-K well prepared and ready for the “big school”.

Kathy T.
This is a wonderful school. Sent both my boys here prior to public preschool. They were more than ready. Can’t say enough great things about our experience here.

Kim S.
My son is on his second year in the school and we love CFCNS! He started last year and it was his first time being away from us and no issues. He has learned so much. I highly recommend it!

Danny M.
I’ve had 2 kids go there and now my 3rd is currently there. All my kids loved the school and the staff.